James Yorkston | 04/11/14

Image: James Yorkston Guy Fawkes

James Yorkston is pleased to unveil the charming video for Guy Fawkes’ Signature. The bluesy spoken-word track features on his widely acclaimed new album, 'The Cellardyke Recording And Wassailing Society' released earlier this year through Domino.

Watch the new video HERE

To accompany the new video, James is also pleased to unveil an exclusive remix of the track by Mogwai's Stuart Braithwaite. Listen

It's been a very pleasing 2014 for James Yorkston thus far, following the release of his communal 'CRAWS' LP, and all the acclaim it garnered. James has just recently concluded a tour of the UK in celebration of its release. The shows, split between James performing live as part of a duo or with an expansive band featuring many of the album's glittering players, including a suitably jubilant headline date at London's Dingwalls.

To conclude 2014, James Yorkston headlines his annual London Christmas Show, this year at Winterville (Speigeltent, Victoria Park). Tickets are available now for £14.10 from here

James Yorkston will also be live in session with Lauren Laverne on 6 Music on 5th December.



Avey Tare | 31/10/14

Image: ATSF Catchy (Was Contagious) video still

Happy Halloween Slasher fans!

Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks is proud to share the short film for ‘Catchy (Was Contagious)’. The tense, eerie 9 minute short is inspired by early black & white horror films, and finds its perfect soundtrack in the supernatural sounds of Slasher Flicks.

The video for ‘Catchy (Was Contagious)’ was directed by Abigail Portner, with Giovanni Ribisi working in the role of Director of Photography. It was shot in and around Atwater, Los Angeles, in August of this year.


“I wanted to make a video that referenced old horror movies from the 1950s Universal horror era. I am obsessed with movies like The Third Man, Truffaut’s 400 Blows and Ingmar Bergman’s films. I wanted it to have the style of classic old LA so we used the LA river and the neighborhoods surrounding it as locations. The movie Them from the 1940s was shot on the LA river and I wanted it to have that feel also. Parts of Grease and Chinatown were filmed there too. The videos I make for Animal Collective and my own personal style is pretty specific so it was great to work with Giovanni because I feel like he just got it. We were on the same page thematically, reference-wise and with regards to the style of filming and our goal - to create something that has a classic, pretty 1950’s feel to it but the undertone is still very dark.” – Abigail Portner on ‘Catchy (Was Contagious)’

The short film will have its live premiere tonight, prior to Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks’ set at the Haunted Hotel Bash at the Ace Hotel, Los Angeles. In addition, the Halloween party will feature a screening of John Carpenter’s horror classic Halloween; DJ sets by Zach Cowie (Wooden Wisdom), Amason (Miike Snow), Clifton Weaver (Funky Sole), and Neil Schield (Origami Vinyl); and visuals by Abigail Portner. More info here.

‘Catchy (Was Contagious)’ Production Credits

Producer - Stellascope

Production Manager - Cody Moore

Director - Abigail Portner

Dir Photography - Giovanni Ribisi

‘Catchy (Was Contagious)’ Cast

Boy - Cosimo Hansen

Werewolf  - Sean Pecknold

Balloon Girl  - Tuesday Hansen

Mom – Haley Pearl

Shop Owners- David Portner & Angel Deradoorian

Frankenstein – Travis Clark

Creature From The Black Lagoon – Abigail Portner

Invisible Man – Sam Muller

Listen to a Halloween-themed playlist by the band HERE.


Watch the band’s full live set at this year’s Pitchfork Music Festival HERE.


Slasher Flicks by name alone is not what it appears to be. Scrambled horror film soundtracks? Not even remotely. A bunch of East Coasters making their quintessential LA album? No, more like escape from LA, say guitar-wielding Avey Tare (of Animal Collective), keyboard player and singer Angel Deradoorian (of Dirty Projectors, Deradoorian), and drummer Jeremy Hyman (of Ponytail, Dan Deacon). If LA is an environment to get lost in, as they claim, this group sewing roots in SoCal have become lost in the best way: relocating and reinventing sounds they’re already skilled in making, sounds that as Avey Tare says, are not only regionally unrestricted but that “come from a place that’s not human.”

Order ‘Enter the Slasher House’ on CD, double heavyweight LP from the band's store or Domino and digitally from iTunes.



The Go Betweens | 24/10/14

Image: THE GO BETWEENS news image

There was a time where being a Go-Betweens fan meant to be part of an inadvertent secret club.  To establish with a new acquaintance that common connection was a social and musical shorthand to understanding one another, that you’d met a worthy conversant at the least but quite possibly a lifelong friend as well.  And it wasn’t willful elitism or snobbery: The Go-Betweens were "the secret" fans wanted to share with the world and continue to do so, even today.  And I can’t help but think that it was this spirit of sharing and mutual respect between the band and their fans that inspired “The Grant McLennan Book Club”.

How this came to pass was that Grant’s books had been collected and stored since his passing in 2006.  As we were getting into the thick of assembling G Stands For Go-Betweens Volume One, Grant’s son, Nathan, approached and asked Robert Forster what he thought should be done with the books.   In a moment of inspiration, Robert wondered aloud how great it would be if we could actually share this collection with fans, like how you would give a good book to a friend after you’ve finished reading it, not necessarily worried about its return.

An idea was born and, with Nathan’s blessing and generosity, some 30-odd boxes began their journey from Queensland to the Domino warehouse in London. While there was no doubting Grant’s taste, we didn’t know what we were getting, to be honest.  Cracking opening the boxes, we were pleased to find a number of surprises.  Firstly, a good number of the books bore an inscription in the front pages, usually in the form of Grant’s signature along with the city and the date of the purchase.  And then of course was the books themselves, a wide array of hardback first edition novels, paperbacks, poetry books, biographies, art folios… 1800 in all.

So, the first 600 folks that have ordered G Stands For Go-Betweens Volume One will be receiving one of these books, along with a bookmark signed by Robert Forster, ceremonially certifying the veracity of the books’ origins.  There will be a forum for folks to congregate at, share their box number, the book received with their box, and as much detail on the book you care to share, like any good book club should.

Now, some of you that are paying closer attention have probably noticed that while the offering was only for the first six hundred orders, that suspiciously leaves another 1200 books unspoken for.  What’s the deal?  I suppose you’re going to have to wait and see what’s to come after Volume One.

Order G Stands For Go-Betweens Volume One HERE.

Listen to the classic singles "Cattle And Cane" and "Part Company" HERE.

Watch the video for "Cattle And Cane" HERE.

For a complete tracklist and in-depth information on this release, please visit the following:



Panda Bear | 22/10/14

Image: Panda Bear announce shot

Today, Domino and Panda Bear are pleased to announce the forthcoming release of Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper, the fifth studio album from Animal Collective founding member and critically acclaimed solo artist Noah Lennox, a.ka. Panda Bear. Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper, or PBVSGR, as the album has been referred to cryptically online over the past few months, will be out January 12th in the UK and January 13th in the United States via Domino.

Mr Noah, the album’s first single, comes to you today via the premiere of an AB/CD/CD directed video, VIEW HEREAlso available today is the Mr Noah EP, a 4-song standalone EP featuring the single, plus 3 new tracks that will not be on the forthcoming album. Stream or buy the EP today. The exclusive iTunes pre-order of the album will come with the EP as instant gratification tracks - link to follow.


Noah has had a far-from-quiet few years since the release of his fourth solo record, 2011’s Tomboy. Since the breakout success of 2007’s universally-adored Person Pitch, each new Panda Bear release is a highly anticipated event, and a high-profile Daft Punk collaboration later (Doin’ It Right, from Random Access Memories), that’s more the case than ever.


Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper finds our hero leaving the airy minimalism of Tomboy and unpacking his sonic toolbox again, rearranging the multitude of his disparate influences into the ever-morphing concoction he refers to as “the soup.”

Old school hip-hop textures and production techniques meld with the intuitive, cyclical melodies he has become known for, for a sound that is at once dense and playful.

Recording for the album came together everywhere from El Paso, Texas, to a garage by the beach near his home in Lisbon, Portugal. In a relationship that already proved fruitful on Tomboy, Noah partnered again with Pete “Sonic Boom” Kember, this time in a more top-to-bottom production role.


Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper signifies a pivotal point for an artist who has proven he can continue to evolve while remaining at the top of his game. As Noah says, “It’s sort of marking change — not necessarily an absolute death, but the ending of something, and hopefully the beginning of something else.”


Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper will be available in Standard CD and 2xLP formats, and Limited Edition Deluxe 2xCD and 3xLP formats. The Limited Edition Deluxe 2xCD and 3xLP includes the 4-song Mr Noah EP in addition to the album in deluxe packaging. Exclusive bundles that include a limited edition T-shirt and lithograph are available via the Animal Collective webstore. All pre-orders come with an instant download of the Mr Noah EP.



For more information, head to the Domino website.


Visit Panda Bear’s new website and sign up if you dare. 


Mr Noah EP Tracklisting

  1. Mr Noah
  2. Faces In The Crowd
  3. Untying The Knot
  4. This Side Of Paradise


Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper Tracklisting

  1. Sequential Circuits
  2. Mr Noah
  3. Davy Jones’ Locker
  4. Crosswords
  5. Butcher Baker Candlestick Maker
  6. Boys Latin
  7. Come To Your Senses
  8. Tropic Of Cancer
  9. Shadow Of The Colossus
  10. Lonely Wanderer
  11. Principe Real
  12.  Selfish Gene
  13. Acid Wash


Royal Trux | 22/10/14

Image: Pound For Pound News

The final Royal Trux album to be released while they were still a live, touring entity, ‘Pound for Pound’ will be reissued by Domino on 1 December 2014.

In ‘98, Royal Trux had emerged from their Virgin contract buyout, proudly bearing the brand of SELL-OUT! tattooed on their forehead by the angry mini-hordes of indie rock. As always, out was in and the only direction was UP. 

The year is now 2000 —Y2K and all that jazz. Innarestin’ times! The next move for Royal Trux started by reconvening their Floridian rhythm section of Dan Brown and Chris Pyle, who’d been a part of the Virgin act. Together with Kenny Nasta (who’d come on later in the Virgin period and then stuck around), these guys formed a boogie-tastic base while Neil ramped up the riffing for a set of songs that explored southern rock mythos lick by lick. On top, Jennifer and Neil furthered the hip-hop-styled dual-vocal approach from ‘The Radio-Video EP’, with each of them fully loaded with a separate set of lyrics and melody; two trains on the same track with tight-ass, split-second timing. 

‘Pound for Pound’ plays like the follow-through to the two Virgin Records, but separated by four years and a flurry of other releases, just to keep you guessing. Knowing Royal Trux, this was the beginning of nothing — the next album was just as likely to slide into another direction — and as it transpired, ‘Pound for Pound’ was the last go-round for the muse and bliss of Royal Trux, both of which involved being wildly out of step with any movement, group or person that actually seemed to want them around. A far cry from the larval keenings of ‘Luminous Dolphin’ and ‘Cut You Loose’ — but in that, an invariably perfect bow.

Pound For Pound will be available on CD (WIG81CD) and vinyl (WIG81 LP).  Pre-order the album HERE.



Eugene McGuinness | 21/10/14


To tie in with his London show tomorrow, Eugene McGuinness has announced that his new single ‘I Drink Your Milkshake’ is out now and you can watch the video now. Eugene will be playing London’s 100 Club on October 22nd.

The single’s title is taken from a line in Paul Thomas Anderson’s 2007 film There Will Be Blood and is taken from Eugene’s current album Chroma, which was released earlier this year. The accompanying short is a slick and simplistic performance video.

Eugene McGuinness will be playing the following show:

22nd October – London, 100 Club - (TICKETS)



Fránçois & the Atlas Mountains | 21/10/14

Image: FATAM

Francois & The Atlas Mountains have announced that their new single ‘Fancy Foresight’ will be released on November 24th. It’s taken from their current album Piano Ombre. The accompanying video was created by Francois Marry himself.


The band will be bringing their fantastic live show to London in November as part of the Les Inrocks Phillips Festival, the first time the festival has had an event in London. Throughout the summer they’ve delighted and entertained audiences around the world and supported label mates Franz Ferdinand at Somerset House.

Francois & The Atlas Mountains will be playing the following show:


11th London, Scala, Les Inrocks festival (TICKETS)

The new album Piano Ombre is out now on Domino. It’s available on CD (WIGCD321), LP (WIGLP321), Digital (WIG321D). Order HERE. Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains also have an app which features exclusive tracks, journals and more. The Lite version can be purchased from iTunes HERE. The premium version (which includes the entire album) can be purchased HERE.



Archie Bronson Outfit | 20/10/14

Image: ABO Two Doves

Archie Bronson Outfit have unveiled the video to their forthcoming single, Two Doves On A Lake. 

The track, which is released digitally on Domino Records on Monday 8th December 2014, is taken from their recent fourth album, Wild Crush, which was released in May of this year and recorded in their home-town of Bath.

The fantastically technicolour illustrated video was directed by renowned artist Stevie Gee – - who also designed the sleeve for the album, Wild Crush.

Asked about the video, Arp Cleveland from the band described it as:

Ass shaking, cobra baiting, mutha fuckaz gyrating. Wheelie Riding, fluffers fluffing, axes hatching, Two Doves flying.


This summer saw the band play Latitude and End of the Road festivals, sell out a show at London’s Islington Assembly Rooms and play a number of shows across Europe.

Archie Bronson Outfit will be playing the following show:

Friday October 31st: The Mash House, Edinburgh (Lost Map Halloween Party)



Bonnie Prince Billy | 15/10/14

Image: BPBQuailDumplings

The "Quail and Dumplings" single plays in the wake of Singer's Grave a Sea of Tongues, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's latest album which exists simultaneously as a new album, an alternate-reality version of Wolfroy Goes To Town and the concluding record of two separate perceived trilogies within the Prince's catalog. There is much on the table here, and "Quail and Dumplings" manages to balance contrasting perspectives within itself - one of great lack and wanting, and the other of a sense of greatness coming. This shifting tone is greatly enhanced by the fiddle of Billy Contreras and the remarkable voice of the well-travelled Caroline Peyton. The song alludes to travelers who may be unclear on when their next meal is coming, but are still determined to keep their positive outlook on the journey of life. And much like the song itself, the video for “Quail and Dumplings” operates with a set of conflicting perspectives! You’ll find Bonnie & friends’ frolicking through the “Quail and Dumplings” water park enjoying all that the day has to offer, but is all what it seems? The struggle between the balances of happiness and grief and its contrast become apparent during their day, but will the friends overcome it?

Always expect the unexpected with Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy; and only His Grace can enhance the song’s shifting tone in such an uproarious fashion! The "Quail and Dumplings" video, directed by Ben Berman, has been called "the greatest video ever made" - watch and agree!

Quail and Dumplings will be available on 7" (RUG633) and as a 2 track Digital Bundle (RUG633D) backed with “Pull Your Eyes Out, Molly".

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy will be playing the following dates:

18 November: St John’s, London, UK

19 November: St John’s, London, UK

20 November: AB, Brussels, Belgium

21 November: Le Guess Who Festival, Utrecht, Netherlands

Purchase the album, Singers Grave A Sea Of Tongues, HERE



King Creosote | 14/10/14

Image: King Creosote photo cred Ross Trevail2

Following a UK tour which included two sold out, exceptional shows at London’s Milton Court at The Barbican, King Creosote can announce another UK tour for January and February 2015. The dates will include an extra night at London’s Union Chapel on 2nd February 2015; the 3rd February show is now sold out. These will be standard King Creosote shows (with no film screening). Tickets will go on sale this Thursday.

King Creosote has also been confirmed to play The Royal Concert Hall on Thursday 22nd January as part of Celtic Connections. As with the Milton Court shows, Kenny will be performing the music from ‘From Scotland With Love’ live to a screening of the film, this time augmented by a ten-piece band for what promises to be a very special night. This will also be the last chance for some time to see the film accompanied by a live performance.

Tickets go on sale on Thursday 16th October at 10am, except for Celtic Connections (which is on sale now) and Belfast (which is on sale on Friday). Full dates with ticket links are as follows:


Tue 20 Jan 2015        UK      BELFAST                             OUT TO LUNCH FESTIVAL @ BLACK BOX

Thu 22 Jan 2015        UK      GLASGOW                           CELTIC CONNECTIONS @  ROYAL CONCERT HALL (live band performance to the film, From Scotland With Love)

Sun 25 Jan 2015        UK      GATESHEAD                      SAGE GATESEHEAD HALL 2

Mon 26 Jan 2015       UK      WAKEFIELD                       UNITY WORKS     

Tue 27 Jan 2015        UK      MANCHESTER                   ACADEMY 2

Thu 29 Jan 2015        UK      COVENTRY                         WARWICK ARTS CENTRE - THEATRE

Fri 30 Jan 2015          UK      ASHFORD                            ST MARY'S CHURCH

Sat 31 Jan 2015         UK      BRISTOL                              THE MARBLE FACTORY          

Sun 01 Feb 2015        UK      SHOREHAM BY SEA         ROPETACKLE

Mon 02 Feb 2015       UK      LONDON                              UNION CHAPEL    

Tue 03 Feb 2015        UK      LONDON                              UNION CHAPEL - SOLD OUT

From Scotland With Love, which critics described as ‘a lovingly crafted thing’ (Independent on Sunday), ‘consistently superb’ (Loud & Quiet – 9/10) and ‘a beautiful thing, flitting between affecting, inspiring, amusing and enchanting’ (Time Out – 4* lead review), was created in collaboration with director Virginia Heath and Producer Grant Keir as an audio-accompaniment to a poetic documentary film of the same name. Featuring archive footage from the National Library of Scotland Scottish Screen Archive, but no narration or interview, the film works around themes of love and loss, war, resistance, emigration, work and play, and is driven as much by the music as it is the images. For the first time King Creosote found himself being able to write from other people’s perspectives. The result is From Scotland With Love, one of King Creosote’s most widescreen cinematic and finest pieces of work to date. From Scotland With Love is available now through Dom Mart, and iTunes, with an extended version available HERE.

Watch the videos for Something To Believe In’ and ‘For One Night Only’, featuring footage from the film ‘From Scotland With Love’.

Photo credit: Ross Trevail



Wild Beasts | 13/10/14

Image: Wild Beasts Palace

‘Palace’, the soaring album closer from Wild Beasts’ critically acclaimed fourth LP, Present Tense, will be released as a single on 24th November 2014. Watch an exclusive performance of the track from the band at the Red Bull Studios HERE.

Today sees the release of Present Tense – Special Edition, featuring the original album augmented by a bonus disc of remix material from artists including Factory Floor, Juan Atkins, Lone, East India Youth, Sohn as well as a brand new remix of ‘Palace’ from Foals.

The Special Edition is available on Double CD (WIGCD279X) and as a Digital Bundle (WIG279XD). There is also a limited edition white label 12” (RUG630T) to accompany the CD release, featuring the Juan Atkins, SOHN, Steve Moore and Foals remix, limited to 500 worldwide and available HERE.

Wild Beasts have three more UK dates coming up before the end of the year – a show at Liverpool Music Week on 30th October, a date at the O2 in London as special guests to The National on 26th November, as well as ‘Soft Future’ - a special end-of-year event, with a bill curated by the band in Leeds on December 11th. Tickets for ‘Soft Future’ are available HERE.

LIVE DATES (with UK shows in bold):



Thur 30 Oct 2014      UK                  Liverpool        Liverpool Music Week Festival

Mon 03 Nov 2014       Japan               Tokyo              Hostess Club Weekender @ Studio Coast

Tue 04 Nov 2014        Taiwan            Taipei              Hostess Club Weekender @ Legacy 

Thur 06 Nov 2014       Hong Kong     Hong Kong     Hostess Club Weekender @ Kitec Music Zone

Sat 08 Nov 2014         Singapore        Singapore        The Coliseium

Fri 21 Nov 2014          Germany         Leipzig            Electronic Beats Festival 2014 W/ Warpaint

Wed 26 Nov 2014      UK                  London           The O2 W/ The National

Thur 11 Dec 2014      UK                  Leeds              Canal Mills (support from East India Youth, Evian Christ (DJ), Nathan Fake, Fryars & Forest Swords (DJ) 



Robert Wyatt | 08/10/14

Image: Different Everytime

A note from the publisher

To celebrate publication of the book ‘Different Every time, we’ve created limited edition prints of the artwork for Robert’s first two solo albums, Rock Bottom (40 years old this year) and Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard.  We are publishing these on behalf of Robert and Alfreda Benge, his wife and creative partner, who has done the artwork for every one of Robert’s solo albums since 1974.  The prints are on high quality acid-free paper, roughly 24" square (image size about 19" square) and are each a limited edition of 100, signed by both Robert and Alfie. They are being sold by the album cover gallery, Hypergallery.

Pre -order the new Robert Wyatt release here -



Owen Pallett | 07/10/14

Image: Owen Pallett - new web

Owen Pallett has announced a new series of UK and European tour dates this November and December, in support of his recent, critically-acclaimed album, In Conflict. The tour will call at The Queen Elizabeth Hall in London on December 3rd.  

Full dates with ticket links, are as follows:

29.11.2014 Köln (DE), Week-end Festival 

30.11.2014 Karlsruhe (DE), Jubez  

01.12.2014 München (DE), Feierwerk 

02.12.2014 Zürich (CH), Ziegel Oh Lac 

03.12.2014 London (UK), Queen Elisabeth Hall

05.12.2014 Amsterdam (NL), Muziekgebouw   

06.12.2014 Lyon (F), Epicerie Moderne 

07.12.2014 Helsinki (FIN), Tavastia 

09.12.2014 Leipzig (DE), Schauspiel Leipzig 

10.12.2014 Wien (A), Brut 

12.12.2014 Madrid (SP), Tclub 

13.12.2014 Barcelona (SP), Sala Apolo 

14.12.2014 Valencia (SP), Theatro La Rambleta 

16.12.2014 Oslo (N), Parkteatret 

19.12.2014 Istanbul (TK), Salon IKSV 

Hear the original version plus the remixes of "Song For Five & Six"

Watch the video for "Song For Five & Six"





Image: logo domino neon NL

Domino is looking for an experienced Online PR to join our busy in house promo team.  Intuitive, strategic, diligent, brilliant applicants welcome.  The successful candidate will apply his or her existing skill sets towards shaping and co-ordinating groundbreaking online campaigns for Domino’s wide range of artists.  Two years’ experience is preferable.  Apply to



Anna Calvi | 06/10/14

Image: Anna Calvi

On Saturday December 13th, Anna Calvi will be hosting a very special one off show in the beautiful intimate surroundings of St John's Church in Hackney, London.

The Heritage Orchestra - who Anna worked with for the Giorgio Moroder show at the Sydney Opera House a few months back - will be providing a string section and an all-female choir. Anna will also be inviting past, present, and future collaborators to join her as special guests on stage. They will be performing new orchestral versions of tracks from her two Mercury-nominated albums - her eponymous 2011 debut and last year’s One Breath, as well as her recent EP, Strange Weather. Anna will also perform some album songs that have never before been performed live as well as new covers.

Tickets will be available from Anna Calvi’s official site (HERE) from Wednesday 8th October.

Anna Calvi has been invited to support Morrissey for a string of his UK and European dates, including a show at the O2 Arena in London on Saturday 29th November. Full dates with ticket links are as follows:





SAT 13 UK, London, St John’s Church, Hackney

* = with Morrissey


Watch the video for Anna Calvi’s collaboration with David Byrne and the title track from her recent EP, Strange Weather.

Watch the video for Eliza, from One Breath, directed by Emma Nathan.



How to Dress Well | 03/10/14

Image: HTDW announce

Full story over on Weird World. 



The Amazing Snakeheads | 03/10/14

Image: Dale Can't Let You Go

To coincide with their UK tour which starts this Sunday in Edinburgh, The Amazing Snakeheads will release a brand new track entitled ‘Can’t Let You Go’, on 1st December 2014. The track was recorded in London with the legendary producer, Clive Langer (Madness, The Teardrop Explodes, Elvis Costello, Morrissey) and is the first release since their debut album, Amphetamine Ballads, earlier this year.

‘Can’t Let You Go’ will be available on 1st December 2014 on 7” (RUG625) backed with another new track, ‘The Virgin Mary’. Pre-order it HERE. The track will also be available on the same date as a Digital Bundle (RUG625D1) with the tracks ‘The Virgin Mary’ and ‘Jesus Freaks 2’. ‘Can’t Let You Go’ is available Digitally now as a single track, HERE.


Following tour dates with Jack White and many festival appearances over the summer including a headline slot on the BBC Introducing stage at T In The Park, The Amazing Snakeheads are currently preparing for a full UK tour which includes their biggest London show to date at The Electric Ballroom on the 23rd October.

The band’s debut album, Amphetamine Ballads, which saw its UK release in April, was featured on Pitchfork as their Advance Stream to coincide with the US release. A monument to the redemptive powers of rock 'n' roll - full of rage, romance and dark humour - Amphetamine Ballads is an uncompromising, astonishingly visceral record. Purchase it from Dom Mart HERE or from iTunes HERE.


05 October 2014        The Caves                  Edinburgh, Scotand

06 October 2014        Lemon Tree               Aberdeen, Scotland

08 October 2014        The Trades Club       Hebden Bridge, UK

09 October 2014        Fruit Space                Hull, UK

11 October 2014        Art School Union      Glasgow, Scotland

12 October 2014        The Duchess              York, UK

13 October 2014        Hare & Hounds         Birmingham, UK

14 October 2014        The Plug                     Sheffield, UK

15 October 2014        Sound Control           Manchester, UK

16 October 2014        The Sugarmill            Stoke-On-Trent, UK

17 October 2014        The Musician             Leicester, UK

18 October 2014        SWN Festival             Cardiff, Wales

19 October 2014        Grand Social              Dublin, Ireland

21 October 2014        Wedgewood Rooms  Portsmouth, UK

22 October 2014        The Haunt                  Brighton, UK

23 October 2014        Electric Ballroom      London, UK

24 October 2014        Roadmender              Northampton, UK

25 October 2014        Simple Things Fest    Bristol, UK

7” tracklisting:

Side A – Can’t Let You Go (recorded at Konk Studios, London)

Side B– The Virgin Mary (recorded at Green Door Studio, Glasgow)

Digital Bundle tracklisting:

1 – Can’t Let You Go (recorded at Konk Studios, London)

2 – The Virgin Mary (recorded at Green Door Studio, Glasgow)

3 – Jesus Freaks 2 (recorded at Green Door Studio, Glasgow)



Peaking Lights | 01/10/14

Image: Peaking Lights_NL.jpg

For more info and links to the stream, hear over to Weird World.



The Go Betweens | 01/10/14

Image: Go Betweens press shot B&W

The Domino Recording Company is honoured to announce the upcoming release of an extraordinary anthology for one of the most beloved and influential Australian groups of all-time, The Go-BetweensG Stands For Go-Betweens Volume One extensively documents the band’s origins in an ambitious box containing four vinyl albums, four compact discs and an extensive 112-page book, featuring a trove of archival photos and extensive historical liner notes from founding member Robert Forster, along with additional pieces from guest essayists, fans and contemporaries.

The box set captures the band’s output from 1978 through 1984 and includes the first vinyl re-pressings of their first three studio albums in over thirty years (Send Me A Lullaby, Before Hollywood & Spring Hill Fair), all re-mastered from the original analogue tapes. G Stands For Go-Betweens also brings together their early classic and collectible singles together on a fourth vinyl LP entitled The First Five Singles featuring new artwork from its creators. Additionally, the set comes with four compact discs of rare, hard-to-find and unreleased demos, recordings, radio sessions and a complete live concert radio broadcast from 1982. If that’s not enough, the set comes with a silkscreen of their first promotional poster for their debut single, “Lee Remick", as well as a reproduction of their very first press release from their own Able Label.

For a complete tracklist and in-depth information on this release, please visit the following:

We will begin taking pre-orders for this very special limited edition release today and will continue to do so until October 31st.  While a very small overrun may be made available to a few select retail outlets at a later date, this is a deluxe limited package and we will only be pressing this very special collection once.  The only way to guarantee your own copy is to order from Domino Mart HERE.  The stock is estimated to be delivered to customers at the beginning of January.

But here’s the special part: the first 600 orders will get a randomly selected book from the late Grant McLennan’s personal literary collection along with a specially-printed bookmark signed by Robert Forster, certifying their veracity. These books were collected by Grant through his lifetime and some were signed and dated by him on purchase (though no guarantee that every book will have said will be the luck of the draw). Recipients will be invited to join the Grant McLennan Book Club over at to share anecdotes and book reports on the copies they receive.

The Go-Betweens were formed by Robert Forster and Grant McLennan in Brisbane, Australia in 1978 while studying at the University of Queensland. The duo, augmented by various drummers and guests, recorded a series of acclaimed singles for seminal Australian labels such as their own Able Label and Missing Link. After a sojourn to London and Glasgow that led to their brief relationship with the legendary Postcard label, they were joined by their more permanent rhythmic counterpart, drummer Lindy Morrison, upon their return home prior to recording their debut album, Send Me A Lullaby. That release brought them to the attention of Rough Trade and a lengthy re-location to London. It was then the band recorded their breakthrough album, Before Hollywood. Produced by John Brand (Aztec Camera, The Waterboys), the album contains some of the group’s most beloved recordings, including McLennan’s “Cattle And Cane” and Forster’s “By Chance”. Shortly thereafter, McLennan would hand off bass playing duties to new member Robert Vickers, who joined the group prior to the recording of Spring Hill Fair.

During their initial phase, the group went on to record three additional albums for Beggars Banquet before splitting up in 1989 in spite of their greatest commercial success with the album 16 Lovers Lane. Forster and McLennan went on to extensive solo careers before reuniting in 2000 and making three more Go-Betweens album together, including the ARIA-winning finalé, Oceans Apart. Sadly, the reunion came to a sudden end when McLennan passed away on May 6th, 2006 from a heart attack and The Go-Betweens disbanded for good.

It would be hard to overstate the shadows cast across the musical landscape of the last three decades by the Go-Betweens’ self-ascribed “striped sunlight sound”. The duo of McLennan and Forster ranks alongside the best of the best songwriting partnerships, influencing younger musicians both expected (such as Belle & Sebastian who reference the group on “Shoot The Sexual Athlete”) and unexpected (as with the late, great Jay Reatard’s fiery cover of “Don’t Let Him Come Back”). This anthology is sure to provide inspiration to a new generation of musicians while providing a very special personal experience for the existing fans.

The Go-Betweens - Cattle and Cane from Domino Recording Co on Vimeo.



Jon Hopkins | 25/09/14

Image: Jon Hopkins Asleep still

Following a sold out, euphoric performance at The Royal Festival Hall last Friday, Jon Hopkins can announce the release of a 4 track EP, entitled Asleep Versions, on 10th November 2014.

Asleep Versions was recorded at Sundlaugin Studios, near Reykjavik, in February of this year. Intended to be heard as one single 25 minute piece, it is composed of four decelerated, dreamlike re-imaginings of tracks from the Mercury-nominated  

Immunity. Representing the quieter, more meditative side of the album, these new explorations take its hypnotic, transcendent qualities to a far deeper level. At times almost painfully beautiful, the EP contains a new, semi-acoustic re-interpretation of album track Form By Firelight, featuring additional vocals from the Braids and Blue Hawaii lead vocalist, Raphaelle Standell.

Watch an animated trailer for the EP, designed and directed by Robert Hunter.


Asleep Versions will be available on 12" (RUG622T), CD (RUG622CD) & Digital(RUG622D). The tracklisting is as follows:

  1. Immunity (with King Creosote)
  2. Form By Firelight (With Raphaelle Standell)
  3. Breathe This Air (Asleep Version)
  4. Open Eye Signal (Asleep Version)

A Limited Edition Double CD featuring Immunity and Asleep Versions EP will also be available from 10th November. Pre-order it HERE. The tracklisting is as follows:


DISC 1 – Immunity                DISC 2 – Asleep Versions

1. We Disappear                      1. Immunity (with King Creosote)

2. Open Eye Signal                 2. Form By Firelight (with Raphaelle Standell)

3. Breathe This Air                  3. Breathe This Air (Asleep Version)

4. Collider                               4. Open Eye Signal (Asleep Version)

5. Abandon Window

6. Form By Firelight

7. Sun Harmonics

8. Immunity

Jon Hopkins will be curating a night at The Warehouse Project in Manchester on 12th December alongside Jamie XX, and will be performing his biggest show to date at London’s Brixton Academy on 24th April 2015. Full live dates are as follows:

1st October – Berlin, DE @ Admiralspalast – Co-Headline with Nils Frahm – SOLD OUT

3rd October - Warsaw, PL @ FreeFormFestival

4th October - Bologna, IT @ Robot Festival

18th October - Amsterdam, NL @ Trouw

24th October - Mexico City, MX @ Mutek.MX

26th October - Co Wicklow, IE @ Samhain Festival

30th October - Paris, FR @ Pitchfork Music Fetival

3rd November - Tokyo, JP @ Hostess Club Weekender

5th November - Taipei, TW @ Hostess Club Taipei Legacy

8th November - Singapore, SG @ Hostess Club Weekender

9th November - Bangalore, IN @ NH7 Weekender

21st November – Brooklyn, New York, USA @ Output (FIXED 10th Anniversary

4th December - Brighton, UK @ Brighton Dome

12th December - Manchester, UK @ The Warehouse Project - SOLD OUT

16th December - Cape Town, ZA @ Sónar Cape Town

24th April 2015 - London, UK @ Brixton Academy



All We Are | 18/09/14

Image: All We Are announce

More info on Double Six Records.




Image: logo domino neon NL

Domino is seeking a UK Marketing Manager to work as a central conduit to our existing marketing, project management and digital departments.

The successful candidate will be well versed in the day-to-day running of a modern marketing campaign.

He/She will live and breathe digital culture and be savvy to the latest marketing tools and strategies to enable top level campaigns.

2 years experience working in a record company environment is preferable.

Alternatively outstanding candidates from the field of film, media or TV will be considered.

A strong analytical mindset will be required to develop best practices, including online segmentation and re-targeting practices.

This position reports to the Head of Marketing.

The key roles will include the following;

- Overseeing the UK marketing campaigns and timelines and liaising with our media agency.

- Constructing above-the-line advertising campaigns and roll-out across digital channels, social media, and traditional outlets.

- Seeding of marketing tools and creative assets to the team and briefing of digital creative assets including campaign sites, banners, and pre-rolls.

- Running campaign budgets.

Salary dependent on experience.

Please send a CV and covering letter to;

Closing date for applications - Monday October 13th

Location - Wandsworth Town



Wild Beasts | 17/09/14

Image: Present Tense Announcement

Wild Beasts are to release a special edition of their fourth album, Present Tense, on 13th October 2014. To accompany the original, critically acclaimed album is a bonus disc of remix material from artists including Factory Floor, Juan Atkins, Lone, East India Youth, Sohn as well as a brand new remix of ‘Palace’ from Foals.

The tracklisting for Present Tense – Special Edition is as follows:


DISC  ONE                                       

1          Wanderlust                             

2          Nature Boy                            

3          Mecca                                     

4          Sweet Spot                             

5          Daughters                               

6          Pregnant Pause                       

7          A Simple Beautiful Truth      

8          A Dog’s Life                                      

9          Past Perfect                            

10        New Life

11        Palace

DISC TWO (remixes)

1          Wanderlust – Factory Floor

2          Wanderlust – The Field

3          A Simple Beautiful Truth – Lone

4          A Simple Beautiful Truth – Djrum

5          A Simple Beautiful Truth – East India Youth

6          Mecca – Juan Atkins

7          Mecca – Sohn

8          Palace – Steve Moore

9          Palace – Foals 

The Special Edition will be available on Double CD (WIGCD279X) and as a Digital Bundle (WIG279XD), with an instant grat of the Foals remix – you can order this HERE. There will also be a limited edition white label 12” (RUG630T) to accompany the CD release, featuring the Juan Atkins, SOHN, Steve Moore and Foals remix, released on the same date. The 12” will be limited to 500 worldwide and available to purchase HERE.

Wild Beasts are also pleased to announce a very special, end-of-year event curated by the band at Canal Mills in Leeds on 11th December, entitled Soft Future. As well as a headline performance from Wild Beasts, there will be live sets on the night from special guests East India Youth, Nathan Fake and Fryars, with DJ sets from Evian Christ and Forest Swords. Tickets will be available from Friday 19th September at 10am. The night will take place from 7pm-2am. 18+ ID will be required. Tickets will be available HERE.


LIVE DATES (with UK shows in bold):


Fri 26 Sep 2014           Argentina        Buenos Aires   Complejo Al Rio W/ Franz Ferdinand

Sun 28 Sep 2014         Chile                Santiago          Movistar Arena W/ Franz Ferdinand

Tue 30 Oct 2014        UK                  Liverpool        Liverpool Music Week Festival

Sun 02 Nov 2014        Japan               Tokyo              Hostess Club Weekender @ Studio Coast

Tue 04 Nov 2014        Taiwan            Taipei              Hostess Club Weekender @ Legacy

Sat 08 Nov 2014         Singapore        Singapore        Hostess Club Weekender @ The Coliseum

Fri 21 Nov 2014          Germany         Leipzig            Electronic Beats Festival 2014 W/ Warpaint

Wed 26 Nov 2014      UK                  London           The O2 W/ The National

Thur 11 Dec 2014      UK                  Leeds              Canal Mills (support from East India Youth, Evian Christ (DJ), Nathan Fake, Fryars & Forest Swords (DJ)


Watch Wild Beasts perform ‘Wanderlust’, ‘Mecca’ and ‘Daughters’ at the recent Pitchfork Festival in Chicago, USA, HERE.

Watch the videos for Wanderlust, A Simple Beautiful Truth and Mecca.



Hookworms | 16/09/14

Image: Hookworms announcement

More info over on Weird World.



White Lung | 15/09/14

Image: White Lung Urban Outfitters Live

White Lung premiere a new live video for "I Believe You" in conjunction with the Urban Outfitters Live series.  The video is taken from the band's recent performance at the Los Angeles, CA store Space 15 Twenty, where White Lung played a free show for fans. The "I Believe You" live video captures the kinetic and raw energy White Lung have become known for, especially on their most recent shows in support of ‘Deep Fantasy’.


White Lung continue to tour in support of their third and critically acclaimed album, ‘Deep Fantasy’ – having played three sold out shows in NYC including the Basilica Soundscape Festival in Hudson, NY this past weekend, before heading back to Europe soon. All dates are listed below.

White Lung Live Dates:

11/2: Paradiso – Amsterdam, Netherlands

11/3: Shacklewell Arms – London, UK 

11/4: Green Door Store – Brighton, UK 

11/5: Soup Kitchen – Manchester, UK 

11/6: Stereo – Glasgow, UK 

11/7: DaDa – St Petersberg, Russia

11/9: Teatr – Moscow, Russia

11/10: Revolver – Oslo, Norway

11/12: Lilla Hotellbaren – Stockholm, Sweden

11/13: Loppen – Copenhagen, Denmark

11/14: Vera – Groningen, Netherlands

11/15: West Germany – Berlin, Germany

11/16: Stadtwekstatt – Linz, Austria

11/17: Le Romandie – Lausanne, Switzerland

11/18: De Kreun, Autumn Falls Festival – Courtrai, Belgium

11/19: Barfly – London, UK

11/20: Point Ephemere – Paris, France

11/21: Tivoli, Guess Who Festival – Utrecht, Netherlands

12/3: Doug Fir Lounge – Portland, OR 

12/4: Chop Suey – Seattle, WA 

12/5: Electric Owl – Vancouver BC 

12/6: Lucky Bar – Victoria BC 

Get White Lung's 'Deep Fantasy' via the Dom Mart here. 


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